CDOT | Chicago ADA Ramp Improvements

Client: Chicago Department of Transportation
Status: Ongoing
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Total Cost: $10 Million (estimate)
Project Fee: $135,000
Services Provided:
  • ADA Ramp Design

SINGH, as a subconsultant to GRAEF, is developing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Ramp Designs for 228 Category 2 and 20 Category 3 corners within the City of Chicago, in compliance with the ADA. Since 2006, CDOT has installed thousands of sidewalk ramps throughout the city that comply with the ADA. These ramps allow Chicago to reach its goal of becoming the most accessible city in America.

SINGH’s scope of work includes:

  • Field Visits
  • Evaluation of existing roadway, curb and sidewalk slopes to confirm category designation
  • Preparation of ADA Ramp Design Sketches for 228 corners/quadrants at various locations throughout the City
  • Preparation of CDOT ADA Curb Ramp Design Calculations and Design Summary Sheets for each proposed ramp

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