IDOT | REVLAC System Replacement

Client: Illinois Department of Transportation
Status: Completed January 2014
Location: Northern Illinois
Total Cost: $4.6 Million
Project Fee: $156,000
Services Provided:
  • ITS Design
  • Maintenance of Traffic

SINGH provided design for the replacement of 15 rotating drum signs with full color, high resolution dynamic message signs along the Kennedy Expressway’s existing Reversible Lane Access Control (REVLAC) System. The Illinois Department of Transportation manages the Kennedy Expressway REVLAC system along eight miles of Interstate 90/94. The REVLAC system allows for the reversal of traffic flow in the express lanes to accommodate directional traffic flow patterns throughout the day. The drum signs that communicate the status of reversible lanes to motorists have experienced gradual deterioration. In addition to the drum sign replacement, the project will install CCTV cameras at each DMS location to provide visual feedback to the REVLAC operators. Additionally, SINGH designed the fiber trunk line and network connections to send field equipment video and data to one of four remote traffic operations buildings before being transmitted to the Traffic System Center for full access to all new sign controllers and CCTVs.

SINGH was responsible for developing the Maintenance of Traffic for installation. A construction process flow diagram for the staged drum sign replacement was prepared to show the construction sequence, testing, and integration steps to assure safety without disruption to REVLAC operations.

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