IL Tollway | IL Tollway | Stearns School Road Bridge Reconstruction

Client: Illinois Tollway
Status: Completed June 2020
Location: Lake County, Illinois
Total Cost: $12 Million
Project Fee: $410,000

SINGH provided roadway engineering design for the reconstruction and widening of the Stearns School Road Bridge over I-94. SINGH led the evaluation of interim and ultimate improvements of Stearns School Road. Scope of work performed by SINGH staff included developing new roadway and drainage profiles, evaluating the need for retaining walls within project limits, reviewing existing and developing proposed drainage plans for interim + ultimate conditions, reviewing traffic control options and providing recommended to lessen construction impacts including capacity analysis. Final PS+E preparation included roadway, drainage, landscaping, grading, erosion control, pavement jointing, signing, lighting, and temporary lighting and traffic signal. Additionally, SINGH was responsible for all necessary permits for construction: Local Agency Concurrence, Watershed Development Permit, LCDOT, and support for Intergovernmental Agreement and IDNR-OWR preparation.

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