2023 End Year Review | 2024 Stability

In 2024 SINGH will realize a year of stability and growth. But stability and growth are not without changes and challenges. However, with all that we’ve accomplished in 2023, I strongly believe SINGH will continue to have stable growth in project wins, employee achievements, and profitability. 

While change is challenging, it is not always negative, but rather necessary for the growth of the organization and creating innovation and dynamism. I know that every time I’ve faced change there have been stages. 

  • First, there is the fear of the unknown. Do you keep doing the same thing and expect different results? Or do you take a risk and believe you have a greater purpose? 
  • Second, there is doubt. If I do things differently, will I lose too much of a good thing? We sometimes forget that something new might just be better. 
  • Lastly, there is action. Taking the step. Yes, it leads you to the unknown. But it just might give you a perspective and opportunity you didn’t realize you could achieve. 

At SINGH, 2023 saw significant changes. We onboarded 15 additional team members. We won seven projects as Prime. Our growth is just beginning. We are always seeking qualified engineers to bolster our capacity in all areas: Civil, Electrical, Construction, Mechanical, and Facilities Electrical. A major contributor to SINGH’s growth is also a result of our thoughtful geographic expansion. Our offices in Milwaukee, WI and Columbus, OH are thriving. Growing the firm was difficult and forced many things to change. But this change is what will lead to a stronger 2024.

Our growth required structural changes at SINGH. We hired a dedicated HR Manager to support our recruiting and our employees. One of SINGH’s long standing strategic initiatives was accomplished. SINGH has developed a new organizational structure with new titles allowing each of our employees to clearly see their career path and future at SINGH. We have strengthened many of our existing policies. SINGH is fully committed to our promise of supporting professional development and encouraging everyone to get a professional license, get certified, or be involved in professional activities that promote their role in the firm. 

Some of the more fun times we’ve shared are organized by SINGH’s Fun Committee – volunteers that organize companywide or office specific events. This year they organized a summer BBQ in Wisconsin, an outing to a Cubs game, and several Happy Hours. Plus, there are prizes for those most involved throughout the year with Fun Committee events!

We will move forward into 2024 with gratitude

and, as always, boundless optimism. 

Below are some of the comments left in our 2023 Gratitude Jar:

  • I am grateful for actual sunshine.
  • I am grateful for God’s grace, goodness, and mercy. I am thankful to be in an atmosphere where I can use my talents for good. 
  • I get to travel I am fortunate.
  • Summer concerts, time with family and friends. 
  • Everyone is at home healthy.
  • I am grateful for my hybrid work schedule and the flexibility it allows to take care of family and personal matters.