IDOT | I-57 at Stuenkel Road + University Parkway Interchange

Client: Illinois Department of Transportation
Status: Completed April 2013
Location: Will County, Illinois
Total Cost: $47.5 Million
Project Fee: $120,000
Services Provided:
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Interchange Lighting
  • Underpass Lighting
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Utility Coordination

SINGH was a subconsultant to TY LIN International for the design of a new interchange at I-57 and Stuenkel Road / University Parkway. The project included the design of new interchange ramps, signalized ramp terminals, and the replacement of the existing Stuenkel Road bridge over Interstate 57. The new bridge will accommodate future widening of the northbound and southbound I-57.

SINGH provided professional electrical, lighting, and traffic signal PS&E. SINGH provided traffic signal design and traffic signal interconnect design for two new ramp intersections. The project design included a shared bike/pedestrian path that allows safe mid-block crossing at the ramps through the use of wood post mounted flashing beacons to warn drivers. Temporary and permanent interchange lighting, underpass lighting, and intersection lighting was provided using IDOT standard 310W HPS cobrahead fixtures on 47.5 ft aluminum poles. All lighting and signals were designed to meet IDOT District 1 design guidelines, NEC, MUTCD, AASHTO, and ANSI standards.

Additional project tasks included:

  • Intersection lighting for the Village of University Park
  • Photometric computations
  • Voltage drop computations
  • Emergency vehicle preemption systems
  • Equipment and wire sizing
  • Utility coordination

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