Illinois Dept. of Transportation | IL 43 (Harlem Avenue) Roadway Improvements

Client: Illinois Department of Transportation
Status: Ongoing
Location: Cook County, Illinois
Total Cost: $26 Million
Project Fee: $116,500
Services Provided:
  • Hydraulic Report
  • Location Drainage Study
  • Crash Analysis
  • Safety Study
  • Transportation Management Plan
  • Lighting Assessment

IL 43 | Harlem Avenue Roadway Improvements from 46th Street to 53rd Street

SINGH, as a subconsultant to exp US Services, Inc., is providing engineering design support services for the preparation of preliminary engineering and environmental studies to improve approximately 1.2 miles of IL 43 (Harlem Avenue) from 46th Street to south of 53rd Street. IL 43 (Harlem Avenue) is identified as a Strategic Regional Arterial (SRA), the boundaries of the project fall within the SRA corridor limits and includes the I-55 (Stevenson) Expressway interchange. The IL 43 corridor presents pressing safety needs having been identified as top 5% on the crash list of Illinois Highway locations.
SINGH is responsible for:

  • Developing the Hydraulic Report for IL 43 crossings over the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal (CSSC). One hydraulic model and one hydraulic report will be prepared for both crossings. Since the substructure alignments of the northbound and southbound crossings appear to be shifted, the two structures will be analyzed individually within the hydraulic model. Additionally, floodplain encroachment evaluations will be prepared for both the northbound and southbound IL 43 crossings over the CSSC.
  • Preparing the Technical Crash Analysis Report for inclusion in the Combined Design Report. SINGH prepared the Interchange Safety Analysis Tool (ISAT) to evaluate existing crash data and safety performance for existing interchange conditions. SINGH will compare and evaluate interchange safety and performance for the three proposed alternatives for inclusion in the Crash Analysis Report.
  • Preparing the Transportation Management Plan. SINGH will study three (3) alternatives including two (2) staged alternatives and a third full closure and detour alternative. The preferred alternative will be included in the Combined Design Report. The plan will require close coordination with IDOT, local businesses, City of Chicago, Village of Lyons, Village of Summit, and the Village of Forest View.
  • Provide a Street Lighting Assessment of existing lighting facilities along the corridor and determination of substandard lighting elements. The Lighting Assessment will denote existing, temporary, and proposed lighting system by jurisdictional agency including underpass lighting at I-55 and navigational beacon lighting at the CSSC bridges.

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