Message from the President | Harvind K. Singh

It is no accident that SINGH’s core values are Integrity, Equality, Gratitude, and Kindness.  SINGH was founded upon these ideals and this is the legacy I am tasked with continuing. Each of these seemingly simple qualities must be strived for to achieve. Not too many people link “kind” and “corporation.” Our expectations about work and life are different than a generation (or two) ago. There is value to working in an environment that promotes doing the right thing, not just being driven to make profits at any cost. At SINGH, we believe the future will reward those firms that recognize the value of people and the importance of being genuine in our relationships – regardless if those relationships are outside the workplace or within it. This is what is possible when we all come together with integrity and treat each other as equals. And in the end, we must not forget to show gratitude. Our gratitude extends to all who touch us in so many different ways throughout our daily lives. Being grateful in itself allows one to be fulfilled in the depth of our being.

“SINGH has unlimited potential. We are poised for growth. Now that transportation funding has passed in many states, including Illinois, the possibilities are immense. We are a team and a family. This company is about more than one person. It’s a community of talented and aspiring professionals that are working together to make SINGH’s vision a reality – this culture has carried us through tough times and will carry us into the future.”
Harvind Singh

 As we move forward, we will gain strength from where we have been.  Mr. Rikhiraj imbued his core values into our corporate culture. My father, Mr. S. Singh Rikhiraj, PE, started SINGH with a dream and vision of being an entrepreneur.  He grew up in rural Punjab, India and made the passage across the Atlantic to give his family more than a farming life. He left Punjab soon after I was born to pursue his education at the University of Ottawa. He has a solid belief in his faith, (Sikhism), and that brings him strength. Throughout his life, in spite of being singled out because of his turban, he never lost his belief that in America he could do anything. SINGH is infused with those core values, that belief, and a daring to venture beyond boundaries because Mr. Rikhiraj had the courage to step out on his own and start a consulting engineering firm at the age of 50. He knew that with hard work and integrity he would succeed, and succeed we have.

SINGH is on the verge of transformation and growth. We have been striving to recognized as a prime firm in roadway design and are excited to see the East Avenue at 47th Street project with IDOT progress towards final design.  Our Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing +Fire Protection Department has doubled in size in the last 5 years and is eager to get to work on the O’Hare 21 program and the CTA’s expansion (among other projects).  Our Electrical | ITS group recently completed engineering design for multiple sections of the Tri-State Tollway reconstruction project and is looking forward to contributing to the Illinois Tollway’s continued development of their ITS systems as a Joint-Venture partner for ITS Services Upon Request contract.  And last, but never least, our Lighting Department continues to be recognized as providing premier lighting design to a broad range of clients and projects as evidenced by the highly celebrated 41st Street Pedestrian Bridge, Elgin-O’Hare (I-390) Tollway lighting, and the on-call Lighting Design Prime for IDOT District One.

The development of our Prime Consultant engineering capabilities and our expansion into new geographic markets and service sectors will drive SINGH’s growth over the next five years. We have hired our lead in Ohio. This has already led to more work and the potential to win work as prime is on the horizon. The energy sector is also a place for potential growth. We are currently evaluating SINGH’s potential for growth within the public utilities sector.  There is also growth opportunity in the Pacific Northwest  SINGH’s office in Portland is ready to grow.  And we anticipate our presence in Minnesota to expand within the next 6 months.

None of this would be possible without the dedication of all the talented professionals that make up our SINGH family. It is their daily effort and skill that is bringing SINGH the successes we have achieved and will continue to achieve. Everyone from every department is integral to our success. Our culture of respect and collaboration is what will take us to our next growth milestone. There is so much more to build and create. Thank you to everyone who has supported SINGH’s journey!