Vytas Pelegrimas Celebrating 19 Years with SINGH

Vytas Pelegrimas headshot

Meet Vytas Pelegrimas – SINGH’s longest tenured employee. Vytas was born and raised in Lithuania. He likes to watch movies, travel, hang out with friends, eat Thai food, and read about global current affairs. Also he loves to travel; preferably to anywhere it’s hot in the world.

 At an early age Vytas decided to pursue a career in engineering because he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. However, he originally wanted to be a bioengineer or a data analyst due to his passion for numbers. Vytas acquired his first bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 1997 from VT University in Lithuania. He received his second bachelor’s in civil engineering in 2001 from the University of Illinois Chicago where he was first introduced to SINGH at a career fair. After being introduced to SINGH, Vytas applied for a Co-Op and was offered the position by Mr. Singh.

Mr. Singh was one of Vytas’ first mentors. He taught Vytas drainage. He also taught him that to be successful in this career he needs to be exposed to everything. Vytas has had the opportunity to experience many of the disciplines within the civil engineering field. To this day, his favorite aspect of engineering is drainage because it’s a special type of engineering that requires a lot of focus. Mr. Singh has nothing but good things to say about Vytas. He stated that “Vytas has a very nice personality; he’s very friendly, easy to get along with, very soft spoken, very hard working, and responsible. I hired him when he was a student so that says a lot about his determination and character.” 

Vytas explained that when he first started SINGH was totally different as far as technology and size. For example, the internet wasn’t widely used.  The company shared one email account and the company was located in a much smaller office. Since then, the company has moved twice to bigger locations and tripled in staff.

Vytas is excited about the future of engineering. He is already learning about designing in 3D and 4D. The computer programs are constantly evolving and providing more new tools for developing civil design plans. The best advice he has for people trying to pursue a career in engineering is “Study hard, there is a lot to learn and it takes ten years or more to master.” Thank you for being such a dedicated and valuable employee. We sincerely appreciate all your hard work and loyalty.