Turning a Dream into Reality – 30 Years of SINGH

30 years is a long time. We’ve had 8 Presidential Elections. Amazon, Google, and Facebook were born.  Apple gave us the iPhone. Mass school shootings became real with Columbine. We lived through 9/11 and its aftermath. We lost Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, and Prince. The US elected its first African American President. The international space station opened. The European Union became a reality. And we had the dawn of cloning. Now we are living through a pandemic. America passed a more than trillion-dollar infrastructure bill. So much more has happened. This is just a small list.  Amid all this SINGH became a reality and is moving forward with boundless optimism.​ 

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Family photo of Hardeep Kaur Singh, Tirlochan Kaur Rikhiraj, Harvind Kaur Singh, Inder Kaur Rikhiraj, Sadhu Singh Rikhiraj

I recently went back to my Alma Matter (Mizzou) and was amazed at how much things had grown and changed. But some places from more than 30 years ago were the same. We all change and grow and while we are amid change, we barely recognize or stop to think about it. I remember when my father decided to start his own company. He had incorporated SINGH & Associates, Inc. (SINGH). He was so proud and excited. I was in High School and like all teens thoroughly self-absorbed. I had no idea what that decision would mean for me and so many others. That was the beginning of this 30-year story.

This small seed of an idea actually began in 1987. But in 1992, Mr. S. Singh Rikhiraj, PE, officially opened the doors of SINGH & Associates, Inc. As I reflect on what made SINGH a reality, I must pay tribute to my mother. Without her, my father would not have had the freedom to pursue his dream. Tirlochan Kaur Rikhiraj, was a strong matriarch. She worked for her family’s future with conviction and the solid goal of making sure her three daughters lived a better life than she had. She encouraged her husband to follow his passions while she sustained the family. Without her there would be no SINGH.

A major force in creating the culture at SINGH is Mr. Singh’s strong faith in Sikhism. He always strives to be inclusive and equal. As the father of three girls, he knew the challenges we would face. As a man who wore a turban and stood out every day, he knew what it meant to be discriminated against. Regardless, he stood high and refused to be marginalized. His strength came from his faith he brought those core values to the business. SINGH’s core values are no accident. Our culture from the onset was always imbued with: Integrity, Equality, Gratitude, and Kindness.

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SINGH strives to engineer infrastructure to connect people, businesses, and communities. We provide engineering design services to a broad range of clients in: Civil | Transportation, Electrical | ITS Engineering, Lighting Design, MEP|FP Engineering, and CM Services.

by Harvind K. Singh | President