Where We Belong – 30 Years of SINGH

30 years is a long time. We’ve had 8 Presidential Elections. Amazon, Google, and Facebook were born.  Apple gave us the iPhone. Mass school shootings became real with Columbine. We lived through 9/11 and its aftermath. We lost Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, and Prince. The US elected its first African American President. The international space station opened. The European Union became a reality. And we had the dawn of cloning. Now we are living through a pandemic. America passed a more than trillion-dollar infrastructure bill. So much more has happened. This is just a small list.  Amid all this SINGH became a reality and is moving forward with boundless optimism.​ 

Part 2 of 4

When the SINGH story began in 1992, we didn’t know what our future would hold. Our beginning was slow, but conviction and dedication led us to our first prime contract win for the Cook County Highway Department in 1995. That victory gave us a glimpse of what we could achieve. The signed letter from then Superintendent, Carl Kowalski, PE, still proudly hangs in our office today. That year, we began hiring and offering roadway lighting to our clients. Our first employee was Eugene Kucinas.

As the years progressed, so did our firm. More employees were added and the vision of what SINGH could become took shape. We moved on from our one room office to something bigger. In 1999, I, along with two of our longest tenured employees, started careers at SINGH. Then, in 2010, we began expanding our geographic footprint and opened our thriving Milwaukee, Wisconsin office. A couple of years later, we opened our Columbus, Ohio office. With more offices and employees came more engineering disciplines that we could offer. In 2019, I officially became CEO and President.

While it is important to remember the past, we cannot remain there. We must keep moving forward to better ourselves, our colleagues, our clients, and our communities. The lessons learned will be there to inform the decisions as we progress – this is what occupies my mind as I look ahead to what we are building at SINGH.

Now, poised for significant growth, we are ready to offer our clients more. Our dynamic management team is vested in the future of infrastructure and transportation. We are pushing forward and letting all our Agency and Consultant clients know what we have known all along – we are prepared to prime major projects. In the past we were often confused as “just a lighting subconsultant firm,” but that has radically changed over the past 16 years. SINGH now boasts three distinct design departments:

  • Civil | Transportation Our Professional Engineers can perform the preliminary engineering studies required to establish geometrics, evaluate and design drainage systems, develop safety improvements, and prepare clear and technically sound plans, estimates, and specifications to get your project built.
  • Roadway Electrical We stay current on emerging technologies to provide each client with the most up-to-date and effective solutions for complex lighting and intelligent transportation systems. Our capabilities span technologies for communications, networks, traffic monitoring, weather, and lighting systems for each particular environment and need.
  • Facilities MEP | FP Our engineers provide sustainable design solutions for facility systems including: new designs, replacements, renovations, and upgrades. This group provides services for a diverse range of markets from transit stations to educational facilities to municipal facilities.

We began as a firm doing Civil Engineering. Now we are a strongly rooted, full-service transportation firm supporting many markets, clients, and disciplines. And this is where we belong.

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SINGH strives to engineer infrastructure to connect people, businesses, and communities. We provide engineering design services to a broad range of clients in: Civil | Transportation, Electrical | ITS Engineering, Lighting Design, MEP|FP Engineering, and CM Services.

by Harvind K. Singh | President