Leading with Kindness – 30 Years of SINGH

30 years is a long time. We’ve had 8 Presidential Elections. Amazon, Google, and Facebook were born. Apple gave us the iPhone. Mass school shootings became real with Columbine. We lived through 9/11 and its aftermath. We lost Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, and Prince. The US elected its first African American President. The international space station opened. The European Union became a reality. And we had the dawn of cloning. Now we are living through a pandemic. America passed a more than trillion-dollar infrastructure bill. So much more has happened. This is just a small list. Amid all this SINGH became a reality and is moving forward with boundless optimism.​

Part 3 of 4

In the first part of this series, I shared how SINGH’s core values of Integrity, Equality, Gratitude, and Kindness came to be.  They are a direct reflection of our founder’s life experiences. 

SINGH’s mission is simple. We strive to engineer public infrastructure to connect people, businesses, and communities.

When we put words to the motivation that brought us to the office each day, we discussed the importance of connecting people and communities. Particularly, the unique and transformative power of transportation infrastructure to create vital connections to educational opportunities, careers, medical services, and basic necessities, like food.

Transportation and infrastructure influence how and where people can work, shop, and recreate.  It determines the quality of the water available to a community.  It can attract customers to a locally-owned business and bring opportunity to historically disenfranchised communities.  Our work can create a more equitable future. And that is living testimony of SINGH’s core values.

Our vision is to venture beyond boundaries. We refuse to accept the limitations that others would place on us. We gave voice to our vision over 10 years ago and we have been pushing past boundaries ever since. This is why we attract diverse talent.  Our company is more than 60% diverse in race, gender, and sexual orientation. Our people know we will invest in them and want them to succeed. We want them to know that they have the power to change the world with the work they do.

Our core values are not just words. We do business and interact both with colleagues and clients with the EXPECTATION that it will be done with: Integrity, Equality, Gratitude, and Kindness.

That is why SINGH has embraced our culture of family. SINGH started as a family business, family is central to our company culture. We are one big work family, and as such, it  is important to know what is happening in that family. When we come together, we can recognize and appreciate each other’s unique perspectives and ideas.  

The ups and downs in our personal lives impact our work lives and work relationships. That is where our core value of Kindness comes in to play. We are all part of one humanity. We have the same overarching goals. We want a good standard of living, we want to live in a safe environment, we want our children to succeed. Once we all recognize this among ourselves, realizing a just and equitable future becomes more possible.

When we put Kindness in our core values, I mused about my business sense and told my peers “I guess I’m just not that good at business.”  However, as we are learning, Kindness is the foundation for everything around us. Without it we cannot succeed. And SINGH is thriving by owning Kindness as a key to who we are.  

With our futures full of uncertainty, I hope it is heartening to know that you have peers who will treat you with Integrity, Equality, Gratitude, and Kindness.

SINGH strives to engineer infrastructure to connect people, businesses, and communities. We provide engineering design services to a broad range of clients in: Civil | Transportation, Electrical | ITS Engineering, Lighting Design, MEP|FP Engineering, and CM Services.

by Harvind K. Singh | President